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MegaMutts Dog Shows and Training is owned and operated by Holly Teahen and Shannon Nash (formerly Teahen) of Elmira, Ontario. The schooling portion of their program offers agility, obedience, rally, flyball and personal consultations in behaviour modification. Holly Teahen is also an accredited Masters level Agility Judge. Their community outreach includes pet therapy, support of the Humane Society and Guide Dogs, and demonstrations for seniors and children. The MegaMutts also run several sanctioned AAC agility trials. The jewel of the MegaMutts is their Show Team, some of whose members have been performing publicly with their dogs for over 12 years, most notably our lead trainers, Holly Teahen and Shannon Nash. Employing a variety of elements displaying canine obedience, agility and games in a fast-paced entertainment, the MegaMutts have performed at numerous venues around Southwestern Ontario, including the All About Pets Show, the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, Guelph's Canada Day celebrations, the University of Guelph's College Royal Show and several fall fairs, malls, and seniors' homes.

The dogs who are promoted through the ranks from our advanced lessons to the MegaMutts show team represent a wide variety of breeds with whom audiences can readily identify. It is the team's stated goal through their entertainment to educate the public to pursue training and stimulation for their canine companions. That is not to suggest that their shows are a dry clinic - in fact, a rollicking good time is had by all in attendance.

The MegaMutts are prepared with a variety of show elements to provide flexibility in the content and duration of their shows. They standardly perform an intricate precision drill with dogs and handlers to a driving musical beat. They play musical mats or musical chairs - two variations on the old party game. Also in their repertoire are agility course demonstrations, flyball, head-to-head obstacle races, obedience circus, and the unique MegaMutts 'Round the Clock Challenge and the Rattlesnake Run.

The description of the MegaMutts would be incomplete without reference to the star of the show, Shannon Nash's Jack Russell Terrier named "Tilly". Tilly is the two-time National Jack Russell Terrier Trial Agility Champion, and one of the leading agility campaigners in Canada. Her owner and MegaMutts trainer, Shannon Nash, is already a veteran of agility campaigns, and at 18 years of age she became the youngest AAC-approved Agility Judge in Canada, certified to judge at the Master Level. Tilly's amazing speed, athleticism, and cuteness display the best of the dog world to enthralled audiences wherever she goes: Tilly is a must see performer!